Innovative partners make our hosting stronger

UnitedHosting builds relationships with industry-leaders who share our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence. Through these partners we keep our technology not just up-to-date, but world-class.

Data Centre

Gyron Internet


UnitedHosting have been partnered with Gyron Internet since 1998. They now operate from five state-of-the-art hosting facilities in the UK, and are one of the fastest growing Data Centre providers in the UK.

Telehouse Datacentres


All data from our Gyron facility is backed up to our presence in Telehouse North in London, and we also offer geographically diverse hosting services over our managed MPLS ring.

TierPoint Dallas


Partnered with UnitedHosting for over a decade, and based out of Dallas, Texas, Tierpoint provide UnitedHosting with world-class Data Centre facilities for our US customers.

Server Software & Security

Comodo SSL Partner

Comodo Official SSL Partner

Comodo are UnitedHosting’s security partner of choice, providing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification services and PCI scanning (through Web Inspector ).

Cpanel WHM Partner NOC

Cpanel Partner NOC

All UnitedHosting packages include cPanel/WHM for customer use. As a long standing partner with cPanel our staff are all certified cPanel professionals. UnitedHosting are also one of few providers with “authorised Partner NOC” status.

CentOS Enterprise Linux Operating System

CentOS Enterprise Linux

CentOS Enterprise Linux is the operating system of choice on all our servers. Backed by community support and Redhat.

OnApp Cloud


OnApp are a global leader in “Infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) technology, and are the chosen partner for UnitedHosting in providing our Public and Private Cloud solutions. UnitedHosting have been partnered with OnApp since inception, and have seen the company grow into an unrivalled leader in the Cloud platform industry.

CloudLinux Security


CloudLinux partner with UnitedHosting and provide software for all our web hosting operations. This highly intelligent software helps UnitedHosting provide greater security and reliability to our customers.

R1Soft CDP Continuous Data Protection

R1Soft Hosting Partner

Our off-site backup and disaster recovery operations are handled exclusively by CDP software from R1Soft. Partners for over a decade, R1Soft continue to produce effective backup software in what is a very dynamic and challenging area. R1Soft partnership is of high value to UnitedHosting as integrity of customer backups is critical to our operation.

Mcafee Secure PCI Compliance

Mcafee Secure

Our key systems and infrastructure are scanned regularly by Mcafee to ensure total security and PCI compliance is maintained.

Load Balancer

Load Balancer are one of the leading technology companies working in traffic management and distribution. UnitedHosting love the comprehensive yet flexible solutions offered, and we provision technology whenever traffic balancing is required.

SpamExperts Email Security


Professional and effective Spam Protection that “just works”. UnitedHosting manage our own Spam Experts Cluster, with filter devices located at each of our three data centre facilities. Spam Experts are now considered one of the leading solution providers in the complex industry of removing unwanted emails.

Server Hardware

Dell Servers

Dell Enterprise Servers

UnitedHosting maintains an excellent enterprise level relationship with Dell for high-end server hardware supply.

APC Infrastructure


Our datacentres utilise APC InfraStruXure racks and cabinets, as well as integrated power and cooling management.

Juniper Routing Products


All core routing in our network is performed by Juniper Networks' technology. Technical excellence won Juniper our business.

Supermicro Servers

Supermicro Servers

Supermicro is our secondary hardware supplier. When Dell kit does not quite fit the requirement we can turn to Supermicro and custom build!

Hewlett Packard Networking

Hewlett Packard

The ultra-reliable HP ProCurve Networking switch product line is deployed throughout the UnitedHosting network


Enom Technology Partner


Enom are partnered with UnitedHosting and provide all global internet domain name services through their comprehensive registration and management platform.

Nominet Member Domain Registration


UnitedHosting are a Nominet TAG holder and partner.