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Web Hosting Testimonials and Awards

Since 1998 thousands of customers have chosen UnitedHosting for their web hosting needs. Over the years we've received numerous awards and many customer testimonials. This page showcases a collection of our most recent awards and customer feedback.

Web Hosting Awards

UK Managed Hosting Award

Dedicated Server Directory - UK Best Managed Hosting Provider Award
We have been awarded best Managed Hosting provider for February 2009 by the Dedicated Server Directory.

Managed Dedicated Server Awards 2008 - Managed Hosting Directory

Dedicated Server Directory - UK Managed Dedicated Server Award
Rounding up an excellent year of awards with another from the UK Dedicated Server Directory. Looking forward to 2009!

UK Managed Server Award August 2008 - Dedicated Server Directory

Dedicated Server Directory - UK Managed Dedicated Server Award
For the second month in a row we receive the Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting award from Dedicated Server Directory.

Managed Dedicated Server Award UK July 2008 - Dedicated Server Directory

Dedicated Server Directory - Managed Dedicated Server Award
We are proud to have received the July 2008 Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting award from Dedicated Server Directory.

Best UK Reseller Web Host Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
UnitedHosting has again scooped the best Reseller Hosting Provider in the UK award from Web Host Directory for June 2008.

Best Linux Hosting Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Unix Hosting Provider
We are pleased to accept the award for #1 Unix Hosting provider for January 2008 from Web Host Directory.

Hosting Directory UK Reseller Host Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
We hope everyone has a fantastic christmas and new year - UnitedHosting has been awarded the number 1 hosting reseller provider for December 2007 (5th time this year).

Hosting Directory UK Reseller Host Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
For the 4th time this year we have been awarded the best reseller hosting provider award by Web Host Dir (September 2007).

Webhostdirectory Reseller Hosting Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
For the second month in a row (and 3rd time this year) we have been awarded the Web Host Dir best reseller provider award for July 2007.

Webhostdirectory Reseller Hosting Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
UnitedHosting is proud to receive this award for the second time in under a year, for continued rock solid reseller hosting in June 2007.

Webhostdirectory Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Shared Web Host
UnitedHosting proudly receives the #1 shared hosting award for February 2007 from Web Host Directory.

Webhosting Magazine Awards

Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide - Editors' Choice Award
UnitedHosting provide services and products that we deem to be above and beyond that of their peers. Awarded in September 2006.

WebhostDIR Award

Web Host Directory - #1 Reseller Web Hosting Provider
UnitedHosting proudly receives the #1 Reseller web hosting provider award for May 2006 from Web Host Directory.

The World Journal UnitedHosting Award

The World Journal - Top 10 Web Hosting Companies
UnitedHosting proudly accepts its prestigious position in The World Journals top 10 web hosting companies of all time.

UnitedHosting Honest Host - The Honest Host Award
The Honest Host Award clearly singles out hosts that are truly better than most. UnitedHosting proudly wears this award!

Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials have been submitted to us by real, verifiable, UnitedHosting customers. We thank them for taking the time to provide honest feedback and review.

We have had a fully managed dedi box with UH for nearly 10 years. Along the way we dabbled with cheaper hosting for the occasional projects and always ended up realizing there’s no place like home.
Our support times average 3-4 minutes, resolutions go way beyond the norm, fixing scripts, debugging issues, wild and complex backups of single files, configuration of applications.
With over 30 websites we need high end support and high end performance , coupled with 100% uptime, with UH we get it.
Hears to another 10 years.

Simon Harrison -

Moving to UnitedHosting was the single most significant decision we have made in recent years. Choosing a server so far from home (South Africa) was a giant leap of faith and one which could have had disastrous effects on our eight year old business. Thankfully UnitedHosting delivered from the word go. The service has been everything we had hoped for and more. My only regret is that we waited so long to make the leap!

Jeff Watson -

I turned to having been let down by other hosts. I started with a basic hosting account in Summer 2003. From the moment I signed up the support, assistance and technical skills of have been fantastic. As my various websites have grown in popularity UH have helped me every step of the way. I now have a dedicated server with them and find every aspect of their service utterly fantastic. New additions such as anti-spam and automated backups take a first class service even further.

I have already recommended them to anyone who asks – and I know all my colleagues are delighted with the service too. If you are serious about your webhosting just use Brilliant.

Andrew Field -

The thing that really stands out about UnitedHosting is the quality of their support. Irrespective of the time of day or night, or the day of the week, my experience has always been that I get a prompt response from someone who is technically proficient and understands what I need.

Andrew Bollington -

After having started with UnitedHosting's bronze hosting package about 3 years ago our online gift store has grown bigger and busier, after moving up through the regular hosting packages we have now been set up with a tailor made package to host what is now 2 online stores. Uptime is exceptional, the UK servers are very fast, even with the seasonal load our site experiences and the UH support, when needed is very dedicated. UH are definately a great choice for a professional business site.

Richard Hurn - &

I would just like to say a big thank you for the speed and effectiveness of your response to my problem once again. Every time I have a problem, no matter how big or small, you get straight onto it and help me resolve it far quicker than any other host I have ever used. Your support is second to none and the price is brilliant considering what you get in terms of service. Many thanks once again!

Gareth Irving -

The classic IT quote "Fast, Secure, Cheap: Pick any TWO" doesn't hold true with UnitedHosting. Their servers are fast, secure AND cheap - but not with respect to quality of service and support. And the recent addition of their MailFoundry Spam and Antivirus protection puts them in a class of their own. I've used other hosts in the past but there's a good reason why I've been with UH for over 3 years.

Peter Draksler -

I have used unitedhosting for just over two years now having been with a number of other hosts over the past ten years. None has come even close to the level of support and professionalism with UH display. They are on hand 24hours a day to sort out any problems with the site (usually of my own making I might add!) within minutes. Support is always friendly and helpful - you actually speak to someone who knows exactly what they are doing and can sort the problem out first time. No automated responses, no customer contact centres. Nothing is too much of a hassle for them. I host an site with UH and they have been able to sort the complexities of the domain name hosting out with no problems at all. Other hosts I have tried have failed to do this even though they promised they could when I signed up. I have recommended UH to loads of other NHS organisations who have asked me about reliable, cost-effective and knowledgeable hosting and I will not hesitate to do so again. My experience has been nothing but positive since I joined UH and I'm kicking myself for not finding them sooner!!

Matthew Noble -

Finding a hosting provider who is reliable, responsive, lives up to the billing of their website and still provides world class customer service is the Holy Grail of every webmaster. United Hosting have managed to consistently provide all of this while still maintaining the feeling that as a customer everything we say and do really matters. In the struggle to have our websites succeed on the web, against incredible competition United Hosting have been our secret weapon. There has never been a time they have failed to deliver, been anything less than extremely professional and, when it counts the most, treated each request for assistance as anything less than urgent. If there is a charge that could be levelled against United Hosting it is that they seriously undersell the quality of the service they provide on their website. These guys really are top of the bunch. They are competitively priced, customer-centric and really professional. Simply put, if you are serious about hosting a website and uptime, quality customer service and server admin response time are important considerations then considering to use anyone else other than United Hosting as your hosting provider is sheer madness.

David Amerland - Amerland Enterprises

I switched to United Hosting in 2005, coming from a US based "mega host" which we had been with through 3 years of going from one problem to another. I had never moved host before and was anxious to say the least, but after a couple of emails to United Hosting support I came to realise that I had switched to a company that actually knew and cared about both their customers and their support.

United Hosting is in my opinion a very professional company and if you are serious about running a website then look no further.

Mark Fusher -

I host a number of sites with UnitedHosting both my own personal site and numerous others for friends and clients. I have been a UnitedHosting customer for a good few years now and I can honestly say that they are the best hosting providers I have used - and I've tried a few! The thing that has impressed me most [and continues to do so] about UnitedHosting is their apparent commitment to the continual development and improvement of their services. UnitedHosting also provide rock solid customer support. I'd personally have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for a new hosting provider.

Philip Newborough -

We started off as a customer of UnitedHosting with their smallest Reseller package. They services they offered were spot on for what we needed and still are - even though we have outgrown our Reseller days. Now we take advantage of their Fully Managed Dedicated Servers facility. We know from experience that we can trust their commitment and knowledge to manage servers expertly, and it frees us up to do what we do best.

Rhea Anthony -

Our experience has been totally positive. We have no regrets since moving to UnitedHosting. It has been the wisest move of all for our online business strategy. The quality of support any time of day or night has consistently been very prompt from individuals who genuinely care and who are both technically proficient yet capable of keeping responses to the basic understanding we non-technical people require. It is a pleasure dealing with UnitedHosting as we can focus on running our business knowing our crucial hosting needs are in the hands of true professionals.

The Team -

I have had my reseller account with UnitedHosting for a little over 3 years, and over this period you have removed my "Right" to complain. As a silver haired surfer (well what is left is silver) I have an "in shrined Right" to complain about anything and everything. However, you have totally disregarded this finely honed procedure that I have over the years tuned to perfection. How have you done this? By replying to my problems in a flash and your solutions actually resolves the problem. Very often I don't even have time to put the coffee on before I have received a response. Prior to moving across to you, I could go out for the day and if it was the weekend; well not a hope of any reply before Monday - if I was lucky.

I have just read over this before posting and realised I have complained. I am now a happy chappie.

John Anderson -

Just want to say thanks to the UH team for their support over the past four years. We were going through some issues with hosts and switched to them in 2003 and have never looked back since. The support, and uptime is fantastic. Our visitors know that the site will always be there, as and when they need it thanks to the solid and dependable service. UH really makes you feel like you are not just a number, but also a valued customer, despite the growth of the last four years, UH is still the same company that has always gone the extra mile to accommodate Freedom2Support with personal friendly service even in the most testing of circumstances.

Justin Johnson -

My experience of UnitedHosting has always been reflected in one word: Professional. I don’t know of any other company (online business or not) who provide such a high level of courteous, timely and efficient service whether it be answering support tickets late on a Sunday night or when rolling out upgrades or additions to their already fantastic service!

James Orde -

Going with UnitedHosting was one of the best choices we've made. Their service is constantly improving, and whenever a problem does occur they fix it quickly and professionally.

Paul Roberts -

Deciding to use UnitedHosting was the best business decision we have ever made. The reliability of the servers, the high standard of service and the highly competent 24hr support service with near instant response are probably without equal. We can concentrate on what we do best, which is designing sites, and never have to worry about hosting.

Kelvyn Sheppard -

I've been using UnitedHosting for close to four years now, using several different domain names, and they've always provided top notch service. My initial domain name, is mainly used for email, and when I wanted to switch to Google for your Domain support helped me set it all up - in under an hour. Fast and friendly, the longest I've had to wait for help is around an hour for support, but most of the time its less than 15 minutes. When I moved from a US server to a UK server I was kept up to speed on what was happening, and don't believe I had any downtime.

The support is always from a real person, not using scripted responses like some other providers. They listen and accept that some people know zilch and will hold their hands, and that other users are highly computer literate, and listen and adapt to their needs.

Fast Friendly support from real people for under a fiver a month - what more could I ask for? Many of the US providers can't offer this amount of quality for the same sort of prices.

Phil Singer -

Hosting a dedicated server with UnitedHosting was one of the best decisions we have made to date. The quality of their offering is evident in every aspect of their products and service. They have been technically superb and flexible in their approach, which has helped us immensely whilst we grappled with the intricacies of hosting a large and growing site. They also have what amounts to the most friendly, proactive, helpful and professional attitudes towards customer service I've seen in the industry - they always have very fast response times and are always willing to go the extra mile to help.

With UnitedHosting, you can be sure that your site/business is in good hands. Their competitive pricing and extremely high quality of service means that they continue to be our recommended 1st- choice provider.

Adam King -

As the editor and non-technical site contributor, I have always been very impressed by the way UnitedHosting have responded to me when I have contacted them. They have always managed to talk me through technical issues in a readily comprehensible way and been able to understand my non-technical descriptions of problems. Response time and the follow-up service have always been excellent. I thoroughly recommend them.

Richard Flynn -

UnitedHosting have been our hosting provider for a year. Throughout this time UnitedHosting have proven to be stable, responsive and highly professional. The single most impressive factor has clearly been their customer service. Our experience is that support tickets are dealt with within minutes (literally) and staff have shown to be competent, friendly and supportive. You never feel like another lost support ticket number.

New users will find UnitedHosting extremely simple to setup and more advanced users will find features they expect.

UnitedHosting can be throughly recommended for your hosting needs. Other hosting providers could learn a lot from UnitedHosting!

Liam J. Foy / James Foy -

We welcome feedback from customers and would love to publish your testimonial. Please contact us if you've got something to say about our hosting, we appreciate your comments.

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