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UK Dedicated Server Management Overview

When shopping for a managed dedicated server itís important to compare like-for-like details. We have not found another company offering managed hosting which matches the pro-active standard and included features that we provide.

Fully Managed UK Dedicated Servers

Managed Server Overview

Your managed server will be handed over to you ready-to-go with all software installed, updated and security hardened. From day one your server will perform just as you need it to perform. Moving forward our experts will monitor and maintain your server 24x7x365 ensuring it is always online and performing 100% of the time as expected in a secure and up-to-date state.

Most other managed providers will deploy your server in a 'default' configuration and only perform management work on the server when you specifically ask them to do something - This is bad as it requires you to have a knowledge of servers in order to keep on at your host to maintain the server correctly. With a UnitedHosting managed server you do not need to have any knowledge or experience, we will pro-actively ensure your server is at its optimum operating configuration, secured and updated at all times, no need for you to ask us!

Included with all UnitedHosting managed dedicated servers is cPanel control panel and r1soft CDP backups. It is worth mentioning these because when comparing providers you will find some charge around £25/month for a cPanel licence, and will also charge upwards of £50 per month for a limited quota of backup space. Our backups are of your entire server (regardless of size), enterprise grade, and off-site, we recommend you read about them here.

Initial Server Deployment

You do not need to understand what we are summarising below, but it should go some way to show just how much work our server administrators will do just to deploy your server in an optimised and security hardened state.

Initial Operating System and Security Tasks:

CentOS 64bit Server InstallInstall latest CentOS 5 64bit operating system.
CentOS Server HostingRemove un-necessary operating system (non hosting) software packages.
Secure CentOS server users and groupsSecure default operating system groups and remove unnecessary users.
Secure server directoriesModify system file/folder permission to secure system directories and binaries.
cPanel tmp hardeningHarden temporary data paths (e.g. hardened /tmp directory).
Process Resource Monitor, PRM, brute Force DetectionInstall socket, process, resource system monitors, & brute force detection system.
CSF Managed Server FirewallInstall and configure customised Advanced Policy Firewall (CSF Security firewall).
Close ports not required for core servicesClose all ports which are not required by core software and services.
PCI compliant managed hosting serverImplement tweaks for known PCI failures to ensure PCI compliance.
Config Security Firewall SystemTweak & harden common services to minimise information broadcasted publicly.
Smartd configurationConfigure Smartd, a hard disk failure early warning system.
Modify SSH server configuration securityModify default SSHd server configuration files to address common security issues.
Install mod_security to cPanel serverInstall and configure mod_security to filter common web based attacks.
Install Log Watch Cpanel serverInstall 'Log Watch' software to pro-actively monitor access and error log files.
Install MUNIN and MRTG serverInstall and configure MUNIN / MRTG system performance graphing and analysis.
Install System Integrity Monitor SIMInstall SIM, this automatically monitors & restarts services should they fail.
Up2date software packages on CentOS ServerInspect installed software to ensure all packages are updated.
cPanel up2date automatic updatesSetup automatic update procedure for the OS and cPanel core software.
Back door inspection serverBackdoor Inspection: inspect and verify server for sanity from known backdoor exploits.

Installing Web Hosting Environment:

Install Cpanel Control PanelInstall and configure latest Cpanel and Web Host Manager (WHM) versions.
Install cpanel updates and patchesInstall latest 'hotfixes', as well as bug fixes and in-house patches for Cpanel WHM.
cPanel server configure branded DNSSetup bind DNS and configure your branded Nameservers ready for use.
Linux Apache LAMP EnvironmentCheck, install and update latest LAMP versions (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).
Zend Optimiser and Nginx on cPanel ServerInstall Zend Optimiser and any required web caching (e.g. Nginx).
Harden FTP, SSH, Sendmail and other binariesSecurity Harden FTP, SSH, Sendmail, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and other protocols.
cPanel licencingInstall and validate any required software licences.
Login and configure control panelLogin to web interface and complete any web based configuration steps.
Setup automatic updates for Cpanel WHM softwareSetup automatic updates for Cpanel WHM software (stable branch).
PCI compliant cpanel hosting serversImplement system patches to ensure PCI compliance.
Audit all hosting software and servicesFinal audit checklist for all software and services which have been deployed.

Final Monitoring and Backup Tasks:

24x7 server monitoringSetup and configure our 24x7 service monitoring and alerting system for the server.
r1soft cdp backupsConfigure four times per daily off-site backups of your server.
Initial CDP backup seedRun initial 'seed' backup to off-site location and verify data integrity.
configure spamassassin or SpamExperts anti-spam on cpanelSetup spam and virus filtering system (SpamExperts or SpamAssassin).
Audit backups and monitoringFinal audit checklist for monitoring and backups before client handover.

Ongoing Pro-Active Server Management

Server management is a never ending task. Our team will monitor and maintain your dedicated server 24x7 allowing you to forget about hosting and concentrate on your business.

Server Monitoring 24x7Monitoring services and performance 24x7 to ensure server is performing optimally.
Hosting security patches Cpanel WHMInstall any security patches or critical updates immediately as they become available.
PHP and MySQL updatesMaintain versions of MySQL and PHP as per customer requirements.
Linux CentOS operating System updatesRegularly update CentOS system packages (mostly automatic).
Regular scheduled server auditPerform regular scheduled system audits across the entire server.
Tweak Apache, PHP and MySQL configuration for performanceConstantly tweak service config files to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.
Review server logsReview server logs and system graphs to mitigate resource spike activity.
Off-site CDP backups r1softRegularly check integrity of off-site backups to ensure working backup is always available.
Nginx Varnish Lighttpd technologies cpanelTrack new technologies and inform client of improvements we can make to the solution.
Includes additional administrationProvide customer with any 'additional' administrative requirements or customisations.
24/7 server technical supportTrue 24x7x365 support is available to you for any other server related assistance.

Server Management Summary

We hope this information has given you a good overview of just how comprehensive our server management is. UnitedHosting always strives to go the extra mile and ensure that your server is performing for your business 100% of the time. Our support team is happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have 24x7 and you will always be welcomed with a friendly useful response to any queries. We are here for you and your server, allowing you to forget about server hosting and concentrate on your business.

uk managed dedicated servers

Please review our managed dedicated server packages or contact us to discuss your requirements and a UnitedHosting solution. We would love to earn your business.

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